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Benjamin Koelewijn

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Breath of Life by Florence + The Machine | for Annette

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nymphs, spirits & dwellers of the deep | dryads

more withdrawn than her water-based counterpart, she does not seek contact with humankind, choosing instead to morph quietly into the background, watching in silent judgement as they destroy those she holds most dear. bound by the laws of nature, her friendship extends to few, won over solely by the bow-carrying, moon goddess artemis, and she is by nature cautious and fearful. not delighting in dragging sailors to their mortal deaths, or luring unfortunate wanderers into lurid swamps, she is instead a watcher, a care-giver, an ambassador of trees. and she sits nestled among the leafy branches, or pressed up against raw bark, mutely bearing witness to the depravity of mankind.  

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Rocks and Water by Deb Talan | for Grace ♥

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I walked out the door. There is no memory left.

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sketch 10 minutes on free hand. painting 2 ½ hours on free hand. watercolor.

this art style is so much fun!

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Silvia Grav

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crash, crash, burn, let it all burn

this hurricane’s chasing us all underground

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capturedean's graphic challenge [round 1]

group 4: mirthfulcas

prompt: conflicted

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